Saturday, April 19, 2008

Drainage Problem in Dhaka City and Needs More Awareness Program

Every year we can see that slight rainfall makes water logged in Dhaka city. The water can not pass through drain or pass very slowly. And sometimes water gets overload from the drain. Very bad smell spread out from this water. Diarhoea, dysentery and skin diseases spread out from this dirty water. Combining rain water and drain water during rainy season make Dhaka city with bad smell and it gets risky in every year. Heavy rainfall can easily make flood in the Dhaka city easily and that stays for long time. Then we think that drainage system of Dhaka city has broken.

But we don’t want to know why we are facing these kinds of problem in every year. If you collect information from Dhaka City Corporation you can see, there is sufficient manpower to keep clean this city. We can also see that they work hard too. But where is the main problem? A Sweeper said that if people don’t get aware to keep clean Dhaka city then we won’t not be able to keep clean Dhaka alone. People in Dhaka city are not aware about drainage problem and they are making these problems what they don’t know. There are many places where there are no covers on drains and manholes are been open all time. People are throwing dirt in the drain everyday; especially roadside tea shops, grocery shops, other business centers throw dirt. People are also throwing poly bags, various kinds of packets, skin of bananas, coconuts and other fruits in the drains everyday and that are making jam in the drain.

These things are thrown by roadside small business centers/shops that make jams and water can not pass through the drain.

These small tea shops are on the drain and they throw almost all of their unnecessary things in the drain.

I have taken these pictures from nearby a residential hotel where sex trade is open secret. Some NGOs teaches sex workers to use condoms to protect them from STDs/HIV but they don’t teach them where they will keep these uses condoms. So after completing their tasks they throw these to the latrines and those go to the drains and make drainage problems.

I want to say DCC needs to spend some money to make aware people about drainage problem. Media can take a rule to aware people about this problem. Local elected representative needs to look after their area and keep clean their areas.