Wednesday, February 20, 2008

kitchen market here and there in dhaka city

This is the place of Malibagh Rail gate kitchen market. These rail lines are main link of Komolapur Rail Station. Many trains come and go everyday and night. She is running her business in very risk.
During lunch time customers come very less and in this chance a woman businessman is taking rest (a little bit sleep). But it is very menace for her life.

Many businessmen run business in the railway lands (govt. land). Every new govt. evicts these shopkeepers but few days later they occupy these lands again. In the meantime some govt. service holders and local muscle men gain something.


David Sasaki said...

Hi Sujon, this post is really interesting. And great pictures. Why is it that they set up the markets close to the railroad tracks? Do they sell their products to people passing through on trains?

Sujon said...

Dear David,
Thanks for your comments. No, they don't sell their products only to the people passing though on trains. Actually these businessmen can not hire shops in the market places due to short of capital. Shopkeepers in the market are to pay monthly rent, charges and admvance money for renting shops. But here they don't pay any money accept sometimes charge to the muscle men and some other govt. field staff.
In these places these businessmen can sell their products in low price than the shopkeepers in markets. So, some people (poor and mid classes) can buy goods from these businessmen.