Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Still they are at margins of society

Many national and international organizations/donors work with disadvantage people and provide facilities, assist them for being self-employed. But there are very few organizations that work with Hijras on HIV/AIDS, STDs awareness program etc. Hijras are deprived of many facilities in our so-called society. They are obstructed from their birth. One hijra (Joya) informed that hijras don’t get proper right, love and affection as like as other children in their family and society. Family members and relatives don’t want to keep good relation with them. People laugh at them. So once they leave their family and started to live with other hijras. Hijras like to live in group. They beg door to door, shop to shop, office to office etc. They live from hand to mouth. They can not go to the school like other children. They are insulted everywhere. They can not go on with other same aged people. They have few proper opportunities to take skill. But if they get proper education and technical skill they will able to work like other people.

Two hijras are in the market

Some NGOs have awareness program on HIV/AIDS, STDs and they provide condoms, lubricant and medicine. But they need education, technical skill, honor & rights like other people in our society. They need working opportunities. Govt. and foreign donors are spending money to develop disadvantage people, why they are not held as disadvantage people and supporting.

“Joya” organizer Badhon hijra organization

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